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UEFA EURO 2020 Tickets, Hotel Packages, and Hospitality

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UEFA EURO 2021 Dublin Tickets and Packages . . . If you are trying to get UEFA EURO 2021 tickets in Dublin, your opportunity may have already passed. UEFA has selected winners of the ticket lottery, if you were lucky to be picked, the window for you to pay for your tickets is going on now. Find more information on the UEFA website. . Hotel City
<h2><span style="font-size: 2rem;">UEFA EURO 2021 Dublin Tickets and Packages&nbsp;</span><br></h2><p>If you are trying to get&nbsp;<b>UEFA EURO 2021 tickets</b> in&nbsp;Dublin, your opportunity may have already passed. UEFA has selected winners of the ticket lottery, if you were lucky to be picked, the window for you to pay for your tickets is going on now. Find more information on the&nbsp;<a href="https://www.uefa.com/tickets/">UEFA website</a>.&nbsp;</p><p>Hotel City will continue to update all information as it becomes available regarding the acquisition, prices, points of sale, and other details on&nbsp;UEFA EURO 2021&nbsp;Dublin&nbsp;tickets.&nbsp;</p><p><a href="https://hotelcity.com/request-hotel">Contact Hotel City for group tickets and packages</a>.&nbsp;</p><h2>UEFA EURO 2021 Schedule and Fixtures</h2><p>You can find the complete&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/uefa-euro-2021-schedule-fixtures/">UEFA EURO 2021 Schedule and Fixtures</a>&nbsp;listed&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/uefa-euro-2021-schedule-fixtures/">here</a>.<br></p><h2>UEFA EURO 2021 Dublin Official Hospitality Packages</h2><p>UEFA has released information regarding official hospitality packages at the&nbsp;<a href="https://euro2020.hospitality.uefa.com/">UEFA Hospitality website</a>.</p><p><b>UEFA EURO 2021&nbsp;Dublin&nbsp;Official Hospitality</b>&nbsp;pricing starts at EURO 780 per person. Depending on the venue location, there are three levels of hospitality packages.&nbsp;</p><ul><li>The Club - Lowest price and casual buffet</li><li>The Lounge - Prestigious lounge experience, upscale choice</li><li>The Suite - Private suite, VIP experience</li></ul><p>Hospitality packages include a match ticket or a suite ticket and local and international cuisine as well as champagne, fine wines, beers, and soft drinks.&nbsp;</p><p>If you are interested in the <b>Dublin&nbsp;UEFA EURO 2021 Hospitality Packages</b>, please contact the&nbsp;<a href="https://euro2020.hospitality.uefa.com/">UEFA Hospitality website</a>.&nbsp;</p><h2>UEFA EURO 2021 Dublin Hotel Packages</h2><p><b>Dublin&nbsp;EURO Hotel Packages</b>&nbsp;without a ticket will soon be available through official partners of the UEFA EURO 2021.</p><p>Hotel City will be posting additional information and the availability of&nbsp;<b>UEFA EURO 2021&nbsp;Dublin&nbsp;Packages</b>&nbsp;as they are released for booking.</p><p>&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/request-hotel">Please add your name to the waiting list.</a></p><p>Dublin is gearing up to host UEFA EURO, and it will be an exciting time to go to visit this city.&nbsp;<a href="http://hotelcity.com/">Hotel City</a>&nbsp;has hotel rooms for the 2021 UEFA EURO in Dublin as well as the other host cities. The weather should be great for many outdoor activities. You can expect special events to be hosted all around Dublin. If you are planning to be one of the fans attending 2021 UEFA EURO in Dublin, then there are many sites you will want to visit, iconic restaurants to dine in, exciting pubs to watch the match in, and restful places to stay at night.&nbsp;</p><h2>UEFA EURO 2021&nbsp;Dublin&nbsp;Air Charter</h2><p><a href="https://hotelcity.com/air-charter">Hotel City Group Air Charter Division</a>&nbsp;also provides extraordinary Group Air Charter service for the sports industry. All of our charter aircraft can be customized to fit your requirements, whether it’s a 737 to accommodate Fan Travel Packages, or a&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/air-charter">Sports Air Charter</a>&nbsp;to handle transporting the team and equipment to the next competition.&nbsp;</p><p>We can provide you with non-stop, direct access to Dublin routes that are not served by scheduled airlines, creating a much more convenient and luxurious travel experience for your group or organization. Our aircraft are configured for Coach seating for an economical approach to travel, as well as some can be outfitted with extremely luxurious first-class accommodation.</p><p>What sets Hotel City above the rest when it comes to sports charter? Whether you are transporting your sports team or a group of their devoted fans to the EURO 2021, Hotel City always has its eye on the ball.&nbsp;</p><p><span style="font-size: 1rem;">Hotel City is ready to plan, arrange, and manage Dublin jet charter for your Group Air Charter, wherever, whenever, and however, you wish to travel.</span><span style="font-size: 1rem;">Where Should You Stay in Dublin During Euro 2021?</span><br></p><p></p><h2>HOTEL CITY&nbsp;the marketplace for hard to get hotel rooms</h2>Staying at <b>UEFA EURO 2021 hotels</b> offers so much more to do than just enjoying football. When you stay in Dublin, you're taking advantage of a stay in one of Europe's most historically-rich cities. The list of possible things to see is quite long.<br><br>There are not only plenty of excellent attractions to see, but there are lots of exciting things to do as well. Being able to do as many exciting things as you like is one of the best things about visiting the city to see all the top football events. <br><br><h3>What Are the Best Attractions to Visit in Dublin?</h3><br>Guests staying at <b>UEFA EURO 2021 accommodations</b> have access to a lot of great places to visit that are convenient to visit in between football matches. One of the city's most iconic places to see that you won't want to miss is the <a href="https://www.guinness-storehouse.com/en">Guiness Storehouse</a>, featuring seven floors to visit and a bar to sample the famous brews while enjoying a panoramic view of the city. <br><br>One of the most fascinating local attractions is <a href="http://www.dublincastle.ie">Dublin Castle</a>, which has a long history as a government seat. The castle is not only filled with fascinating exhibitions but also features beautiful gardens and hosts events worth your time during a visit.<br><br>If you're interested in learning more about how Dublin has evolved as a city since its founding, <a href="http://www.littlemuseum.ie">The Little Museum of Dublin</a> offers a range of exhibitions that you are sure to enjoy. One of the most fascinating permanent exhibits includes a collection devoted to U2, which includes personally-donated artefacts from the band's members.<br><br>Another attraction that is a local icon is <a href="http://www.tcd.ie">Trinity College</a>, most famous for The Book of Kells on display. A library dating back to the 18th-century hosts over 200,000 books. Regular exhibitions are worth seeing during your stay that often include a literary focus. <br><br><h3>Which Hotels Are Some of the Best in the City?</h3><br>If you're visiting Dublin for UEFA EURO 2021, you will be pleased with the number and quality of hotels ideal for a stay. One of the most popular hotel choices is <a href="http://www.brookshotel.ie">The Brooks Hotel</a>, offering rooms with a sophisticated style with many featuring balconies for an excellent view of the city.<br><br>Another top accommodations option for visitors to the city is <a href="http://www.belvederehotel.com">Belvedere Hotel</a>. This hotel has an ideal location for anyone seeing the local tourist areas like the O'Connell Street area and North quays. Comfortable rooms offer all of the features you need for a refreshing stay after enjoying the day's football matches.<br><br>If the idea of staying in a castle setting excites you, <a href="https://www.clontarfcastle.ie/">Clontarf Castle Dublin Hotel</a> should be at the top of your list for accommodations to consider. With a location 10 minutes from Dublin's centre, this luxury hotel will put you close to all of Euro 2021's action while allowing you to stay in comfort.<br><br><h3>What Are the Best Restaurants in Dublin?</h3><br>If you want to treat yourself to a luxury experience while staying at <b>UEFA EURO 2021 hotels</b>, you won't go wrong when selecting <a href="http://www.gloversalley.ie">Glovers Alley</a> as a choice. The upmarket dishes feature French influence, and the restaurant overlooks St. Stephen's Green, one of the most scenic spots in Dublin.<br><br>Visitors who want to sample a mixture of different foods will be satisfied with what <a href="https://www.bloombrasserie.ie/menus/">Bloom Brasserie</a> has to offer for its guests. Both Irish and European favourites are on the menu for you to enjoy, providing plenty of variety. Take advantage of the wine bar with a large selection that is here for an unforgettable experience.<br><br>Moderately-priced options for those travelling in larger groups or trying to save to buy more EURO 2021 gear include <a href="http://www.imonelli.ie/dublin">I Monelli</a>. This popular restaurant includes all of your Italian favourites that are perfect for enjoying while you're out seeing the sights. The restaurant also serves Mediterranean food as well if you're interested in something a little different from what you might usually have in an Italian restaurant. <br><br>You will also want to consider <a href="https://www.facebook.com/Gerrysdublin2/">Gerry's Coffee Shop</a> when you're looking for a quick place to get a coffee. In addition to freshly-brewed, delicious coffee, you'll also find sweet treats to enjoy. These items range from popular Irish items to cakes, biscuits, and treats from other European countries perfect for a light breakfast or a snack.<br><br><h3>Are There Lesser-Known Activities Worth Trying?</h3><br>While staying in UEFA EURO 2021 accommodations, you might decide to spend a little time away from all the activity, even if just for a few hours. There are some exciting outdoor activities that you'll enjoy that aren't as well-known but worth your time.<br><br>Many are unaware of the kayaking opportunities that the Liffey offers. Seeing all the sights from the river is a fun way to go about taking everything in, from a unique perspective. One thing that you'll be pleased is that you have a choice in how you decide to go kayaking by either renting one and going on your own, or going on a tour.<br><br>The city has a history that dates back to the Vikings and was the setting for Ireland's 1916 rebellion. As such, many believe that the city is haunted and offers tours to help introduce visitors to this aspect of local history. Haunted history tours often go through some of the oldest areas of the city and may also take place at night, adding to the air of mystery.<br><br>If you enjoy seeing some of the scarier attractions, one that should be on your list is the notorious Hellfire Club. The location is on Montpelier Hill, which provides one of the best views of the city. In its day, the Hellfire Club had a reputation for being a location where the dark arts were practiced.<br><br>Art enthusiasts won't be disappointed with Dublin by any means. Outdoor art has become a significant part of the local cultural scene, often in the form of murals on the walls of local buildings. The Italian Quarter and Temple Bar are two locations that feature a lot of local art. <br><br><h2>Where is the Best Shopping in Dublin?</h2><br>If you decide to go shopping during UEFA EURO 2021, you won't be disappointed with the choices available. One of the top areas to consider is Grafton Street, which is home to a vast collection of shops and restaurants in an exciting location to explore.<br><br>Do you feel like looking for fresh fruit and vegetables to enjoy during your time in the city? The Moore Street Market is open six days a week to give you a chance to enjoy this must-see market. One of this market's biggest highlights is the group of witty, colorful vendors.<br><br>The <a href="http://www.farmleigh.ie/Events/Title,23698,en.html">Farmleigh Food Market</a> enjoys a location in the midst of Dublin. In addition to farm-fresh organic vegetables, you will also find cheeses, fish, meats, and sweet favourites like chutneys and confectionaries.<br><br>Another interesting market to visit is the Ha' Penny Flea Market at <a href="http://www.thegrandsocial.ie/events/hapenny-flea-market-2/">The Grand Social</a>. In addition to the vintage items that the market is the most famous for, several of the shops in the city centre sell their goods here, including unique craft items that are unavailable elsewhere. There is also a bar serving beer to shoppers. <br><br>You'll also enjoy a chance to visit the <a href="http://www.dlsc.ie/">Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre</a> during your time in the city. One of the best things about shopping here is its accessibility through both the ferry and DART services. There are shops, cafes, and restaurants to enjoy, with more than 80 choices. Another feature that travellers enjoy having access to at this shopping centre is a creche. <br><br><h3>Which Pubs Are Some of the City's Best?</h3><br>Dublin has one of the most active pub scenes in the world. When you're watching one of the football matches, there are few places better to watch than at one of Dublin's pubs. They are a perfect place to watch with any friends who have come with you.<br><br>If you're looking for the ideal pub for watching a match, <a href="http://www.sinnotts.ie">Sinnotts Bar</a> offers the right type of atmosphere. Not only do they provide excellent drinks and food, but there are also plenty of large telly screens to help you enjoy the game.<br><br>Visitors who want a bit of food variety while enjoying the match will enjoy <a href="http://www.the51bar.ie/">The 51 Bar</a>. This pub's menu is international, and they also offer a carvery on Sundays. There are enough big screens to ensure you don't miss any of the action.<br><br>A casual option, with a bit of an Australian twist, is <a href="http://www.woolshedbaa.com/dublin">Woolshed Baa &amp; Grill</a>. The food choices are uncomplicated, with a simple grill and pizza-oriented menu. The TVs are tuned to the current major sporting events, so you don't need to miss any football.<br><br>If you're in search of a pub experience out of the ordinary, you will enjoy <a href="http://www.thelivingroom.ie/">The Living Room</a>. DJs have sessions on the weekends, and the bar boasts a beer garden. One of the best things here is that you can catch all the action on one of the city's biggest screens.<br><br>If you're going to be in Dublin during the EURO 2021, you will have a wide range of exciting things to see and do during your time here.<p></p>