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June 12, 2020 - July 20, 2020

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HOTEL CITY the marketplace for hard to get hotel roomsIf you are heading over to Romania to attend the UEFA Euro 2020 event in Bucharest, make sure to carve out enough time to explore this beautiful city while you can! With so many attractions and entertainment options, you can fill everyday with a new adventure! Let's dive into some of the
<h2>HOTEL CITY&nbsp;the marketplace for hard to get hotel rooms</h2><p>If you are heading over to Romania to attend the UEFA Euro 2020 event in Bucharest, make sure to carve out enough time to explore this beautiful city while you can! With so many attractions and entertainment options, you can fill everyday with a new adventure! Let's dive into some of the best things to experience while you're fortunate enough to be visiting this vibrant destination!<br><br>Where Can I Find the Best UEFA Euro 2020 Hotels Experience?<br><br>Right in the middle of everything you'll find the first class experience of the Epoque Hotel. It offers everything a business traveler may need while catering to the all travelers seeking a luxurious hotel experience. The on-site spa features a heated swimming pool, massage, facials and a fitness center for relaxation and health purposes. Within the hotel, you'll find a restaurant and a lounge/bar with outdoor seating on the terrace. If you're in the mood for something a little less ritzy, in the heart of the old town you'll find the Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel. It sits within walking distance of a multitude of fun and upbeat attractions for visitors of all ages. The rooms are just as various, from dorm style arrangements for single rooms on offer. Each night within the hostel, events with guests are planned to maximize the enjoyment for all. These gatherings are fun things like cooking classes, movie viewing, and board games for visitors and staff. No matter what style guest room you choose, the open community kitchen welcomes guests who want to cook for themselves or prepare snacks for their friends. The youthful vibe of the hostel makes it a top rated, top recommended lodging option for anyone coming to the city. Villa Sia is a small bed and breakfast just a ten minute walk from the heart of old town Bucharest. It offers simple but complete guest service for those seeking UEFA Euro 2020 accommodations on a budget. There are 11 guest rooms in this B&amp;B, as well as 24 hour guest reception for those arriving or checking out after hours. With free internet connections and shuttle service to and from the city's airport, this little B&amp;B offers simple comfort and helpful amenities for anyone visiting this historic city for the UEFA Euro 2020 experience. <br><br>Where is the Best Food in Bucharest?<br><br>Paine Si Vin (painesivin.ro) offers a unique dining experience, translating literally to bread and wine. This restaurant specializes in exactly those two things. The bread it refers to comes with a delicious variety of toppings from which to choose. The bread itself resembles flat bread and is served topped in a manner similar to pizza, while the "crust" can be a traditional Italian pizza base, or a flatbread similar to naan, which is a traditional bread in former Persian countries in the middle east. You may choose from toppings as simple as ground beef or as exotic as sheep's milk cheese. The options are only limited by your own hunger and imagination. Beca's Kitchen (becaskitchen.ro) is a small, simple little restaurant that is operated with love by the owner. The food offered here changes frequently depending on which fruits and vegetables are in season during the time of the diner's visit. There is soft music playing for diners and on offer is a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes alike. There is something for everyone here at Beca's Kitchen. For the sweet tooth, there is no better place in Bucharest to enjoy a sensational dessert like French Revolution (frenchrevolution.ro). Locals and tourists alike devour the mouth watering eclairs on offer here. You may need a more than a moment to select your flavor from the dozens of options up for the taking. Want simple? Try the dark chocolate or caramel. Trying to shake it up a bit? Go for the pistachio or orange and ginger. Or live wild and choose several to taste. Beraria H (berariah.ro) is the place if you are looking to unwind with an adult beverage after a long day. Enjoy a beer or a glass of wine in the open air venue, or choose to nestle cozy inside while listening to soft jazz. You'll find the largest restaurant in the city right here, with entertainment to go around. Cover acts and Romanian bands regularly grace the stage here to perform for those relaxing and socializing after a long day of hard work, or hard travel, and you'll find locals and fellow travelers alike enjoying an evening of fun and conversation, drinking and dancing, in the heart of Bucharest. <br><br>What Should I See in Bucharest?<br><br>While your UEFA Euro 2020 accommodations should be a comfortable place for you to rest after you arrive, there are several things you should not fail to see while in Romania. Venturing out, you'll find history and entertainment unlike any place else. One such magical place is Bran Castle. It conjures images of Dracula, for sure, but it is a stunning piece of architectural history, beautiful and forbidding in turn. The earliest construction of the castle started in the year 1211 and grew into the fortress it is now over the centuries. There are always scheduled events taking place in the castle with the public always welcome. You'll find food, drink, gifts, and a lifetime of memories of the stunning view waiting for you to behold at Bran Castle (bran-castle.com/directions.html). For the lovers of nature, a hike should absolutely be taken around Bucharest during your visit. There are trails for all levels of exploring, from beginner to advanced, at low to higher altitudes, and with varying degrees of difficulty. You'll find conscientious guides and instructors to help you get the most from your day hike. The modern world feels comfortably out of range while you check out the views of a vista nothing short of amazing. Feel free to check out the variety of trails offered in Romania by visiting the website (https://www.uncover-romania.com/visit-romania/travel-ideas/hiking-in-romania-ideas-bucharest/). Happily, one such must see spot is only open during the summer months, and as such should be seen while attending the football event! Great timing! The Gradina OAR is a beautiful little hidden gem designed by the Roman Architects Organization in 1997. It is only open during the summer months, so the timing is perfect for those attending the UEFA Euro 2020! Grab a coffee and enjoy sitting outside in the sunshine while doing some people watching. One other site worthy of a viewing is the Bucharest Arc de Triomphe, from 1922. It was built to celebrate the Romanian victory of WWII and national reunification in 1918. It is now open for visitors and you can view private tours of this, and other, monuments and tourist attractions throughout Bucharest, Romania (unknownbucharest.com/the-arc-de-triomphe/).Bookstores are quite popular here and the largest of these actually sits within a large house with many rooms (32!), and each room is set up differently. It's a beautiful literary experience if you're a bookworm. There is a new design in each other the rooms, with books on offer divided by genre. Grab a cup of coffee in the cafe situated in the largest book room and enjoy viewing the mural on the front of this building of a cat reading a book (carturesti.ro/librarii)! With so many rooms, you will no doubt find a little something for you to enjoy while traveling. <br><br>How is the Weather in June in Bucharest?<br><br>Between June and August, Bucharest tends to be quite warm. You won't typically find excessive or dangerously hot days, however. The average high this time of year in Bucharest is approximately 86 degrees (30 degrees Celsius). While there remains a near constant 30% of rain through June, these tend to be quick and are not usually sufficient enough to warrant changing any of your outdoor plans. Average rain in June, the wettest month, amounts to about 3 inches total of rainfall. There is plenty of sunshine on a brilliant June Bucharest afternoon, but do make sure to pack a waterproof jacket in case you're caught out in a quick afternoon shower. It is also recommended to apply sunscreen while you're out enjoying the weather and the sun as you explore the city. <br><br>Romania is a remarkable and beautiful country. The city of Bucharest is steeped in history and welcomes visitors from all around the globe. So no matter how many UEFA Euro 2020 hotels you may visit, be sure to explore and take in the scenery and attractions awaiting discovery in the heart of the city. Venture out and move beyond the bounds of the city for a detour into nature, where you can be one on one with the mountains, with the sky, with awe and wonder. Questions? The Romania Travel and Tourism Board is always ready to answer your questions and make suggestions to help you gain the most out of the experience (romaniatourism.com/index.html). Make use of the resources on hand so no matter how long your trip, you will come away with a lifetime worth of memories from paradise. Enjoy your trip to Bucharest! If you are heading over to Romania to attend events in Bucharest, make sure to carve out enough time to explore this beautiful city while you can! With so many attractions and entertainment options, you can fill everyday with a new adventure! So dive into some of the best things to experience while you're fortunate enough to be visiting this vibrant destination!</p>
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