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UEFA EURO 2020 Tickets, Hotel Packages, and Hospitality

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UEFA EURO 2021 Bilbao Tickets and Packages . . . If you are trying to get UEFA EURO 2021 tickets in Bilbao, your opportunity may have already passed. UEFA has selected winners of the ticket lottery, if you were lucky to be picked, the window for you to pay for your tickets is going on now. Find more information on the UEFA website. . Hotel City
<h2><span style="font-size: 2rem;">UEFA EURO 2021 Bilbao Tickets and Packages&nbsp;</span><br></h2><p>If you are trying to get&nbsp;<b>UEFA EURO 2021 tickets</b> in&nbsp;Bilbao, your opportunity may have already passed. UEFA has selected winners of the ticket lottery, if you were lucky to be picked, the window for you to pay for your tickets is going on now. Find more information on the&nbsp;<a href="https://www.uefa.com/tickets/">UEFA website</a>.&nbsp;</p><p>Hotel City will continue to update all information as it becomes available regarding the acquisition, prices, points of sale, and other details on&nbsp;UEFA EURO 2021&nbsp;Bilbao&nbsp;tickets.&nbsp;</p><p><a href="https://hotelcity.com/request-hotel">Contact Hotel City for group tickets and packages</a>.&nbsp;</p><h2>UEFA EURO 2021 Schedule and Fixtures</h2><p>You can find the complete&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/uefa-euro-2021-schedule-fixtures/">UEFA EURO 2021 Schedule and Fixtures</a>&nbsp;listed&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/uefa-euro-2021-schedule-fixtures/">here</a>.<br></p><h2>UEFA EURO 2021 Bilbao Official Hospitality Packages</h2><p>UEFA has released information regarding official hospitality packages at the&nbsp;<a href="https://euro2020.hospitality.uefa.com/">UEFA Hospitality website</a>.</p><p><b>UEFA EURO 2021&nbsp;Bilbao&nbsp;Official Hospitality</b>&nbsp;pricing starts at EURO 780 per person. Depending on the venue location, there are three levels of hospitality packages.&nbsp;</p><ul><li>The Club - Lowest price and casual buffet</li><li>The Lounge - Prestigious lounge experience, upscale choice</li><li>The Suite - Private suite, VIP experience</li></ul><p>Hospitality packages include a match ticket or a suite ticket and local and international cuisine as well as champagne, fine wines, beers, and soft drinks.&nbsp;</p><p>If you are interested in the <b>Bilbao&nbsp;UEFA EURO 2021 Hospitality Packages</b>, please contact the&nbsp;<a href="https://euro2020.hospitality.uefa.com/">UEFA Hospitality website</a>.&nbsp;</p><h2>UEFA EURO 2021 Bilbao Hotel Packages</h2><p>Bilbao&nbsp;EURO Hotel Packages&nbsp;without a ticket will soon be available through official partners of the UEFA EURO 2021.</p><p>Hotel City will be posting additional information and the availability of&nbsp;<b>UEFA EURO 2021&nbsp;Bilbao&nbsp;Packages</b>&nbsp;as they are released for booking.</p><p>&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/request-hotel">Please add your name to the waiting list.</a></p><p>Bilbao is gearing up to host UEFA EURO, and it will be an exciting time to go to visit this city.&nbsp;<a href="http://hotelcity.com/">Hotel City</a>&nbsp;has hotel rooms for the 2021 UEFA EURO in Bilbao as well as the other host cities. The weather should be great for many outdoor activities. You can expect special events to be hosted all around Bilbao. If you are planning to be one of the fans attending 2021 UEFA EURO in Bilbao, then there are many sites you will want to visit, iconic restaurants to dine in, exciting pubs to watch the match in, and restful places to stay at night.&nbsp;</p><h2>UEFA EURO 2021&nbsp;Bilbao&nbsp;Air Charter</h2><p><a href="https://hotelcity.com/air-charter">Hotel City Group Air Charter Division</a>&nbsp;also provides extraordinary Group Air Charter service for the sports industry. All of our charter aircraft can be customized to fit your requirements, whether it’s a 737 to accommodate Fan Travel Packages, or a&nbsp;<a href="https://hotelcity.com/air-charter">Sports Air Charter</a>&nbsp;to handle transporting the team and equipment to the next competition.&nbsp;</p><p><span style="font-size: 1rem;">We can provide you with non-stop, direct access to Bilbao routes that are not served by scheduled airlines, creating a much more convenient and luxurious travel experience for your group or organization. Our aircraft are configured for Coach seating for an economical approach to travel, as well as some can be outfitted with extremely luxurious first-class accommodation.</span><br></p><p><span style="font-size: 1rem;">What sets Hotel City above the rest when it comes to sports charter? Whether you are transporting your sports team or a group of their devoted fans to the EURO 2021, Hotel City always has its eye on the ball.&nbsp;</span></p><p><span style="font-size: 1rem;">Hotel City is ready to plan, arrange, and manage Bilbao jet charter for your Group Air Charter, wherever, whenever, and however, you wish to travel.</span><span style="font-size: 1rem;">The Basque city of Bilbao is hosting the UEFA EURO 2021. What can football fans do when they are not watching the matches?&nbsp;</span><br></p><p><br>In the past two decades, Bilbao has become a cultural mecca with world-famous chefs and cuisine. Bilbao is home to some incredible art, design, and architecture. There are a lot of museums, galleries and architectural marvels to explore when you are waiting for your football match. Don't forget special natural excursions to relish the spectacular Bilbao vistas. Bilbao promises to entertain you and enchant you with beautiful food, panoramas, and art. <br><br>Here are just a few of our favorite things to do in Bilbao, Spain during the UEFA EURO 2021. <br><br></p><h3>Tourist Destinations In Bilbao, Spain </h3><br>Sailboat Ride <br><br>You may want to bask in the beauty of Bilbao, by taking a boat ride. Get picked up from one of your <b>UEFA EURO 2021 Hotels</b>. Take a quick ride to Getxo, jump on a five-person sailboat, sip on Txakoli wine and soak in the rays, as you take in the historic sites on your four-hour trip. Enjoy the Bridge of Bizkaia, a UNESCO site, beautiful beaches, and the old fishing port. There are a variety of tours that can be booked at your hotel. <br><br>World-Class Museum <br><br>The <a href="https://www.guggenheim-bilbao.eus/en">Guggenheim</a> Museum in Bilbao is a must for any visitor to this Basque city. From the whimsical Jeff Koons "Puppy" sculpture to the Frank Gehry-designed building, it is a cornucopia of modern art sure to delight art lovers and art novices alike. <br><br>Inside, are the modern works including Joseph Beuy’s "Lightning with Stag in its Glare," Richard Serra's "The Matter of Time," and Mark Rothko's "Untitled." <br><br>For a special trip to the Guggenheim, attend an evening concert, take an audio tour or enrich your mind at a workshop. Be sure to walk outside in the Art District for the larger artworks and enjoy the vista. <br><br>View The Designs At The Azkuna Zentroa<br><br>The <a href="https://www.azkunazentroa.eus/az/ingl/home">Azkuna Zentroa</a>, is the cultural center of Bilbao. Originally known as the Alhóndiga, this is Bilbao's old wine exchange. Now, it is an aesthetically pleasing, modern re-designed piece of architecture. French designer Philippe Starck has created a modern masterpiece featuring 43 unique pillars or columns. Each column is a unique piece of art. <br><br>Although there are regular exhibitions at the Azunka Zentroa, the 43 columns should not be missed. But, that is not all. There are also cinemas, restaurants, and shops inside.<br><br>Cathedral de Bilbao<br><br>Located in the center of the Casco Viejo district, the Cathedral de Bilbao is a must-see on your visit to Bilbao. This is one of the most iconic places in Bilbao. The Cathedral is dedicated to St James, the Apostle. Built-in the Gothic style, this 15-century historic building features two porticoes. One portico is Renaissance, while the other is neoclassical.<br><br>Museum Of Beautiful Art <br><br>For art lovers seeking works from the 12 century to the modern-day, visit the Museo <a href="https://www.museobilbao.com/">Bellas Artes</a>. Located close to your UEFA EURO 2020 accommodations, this museum showcases works by such masters as Goya, Paul Gauguin, Mary Cassette, El Greco, and Frances Bacon. <br><br>Visit Old Town<br><br>Take a walk down the winding streets of the Casco Viejo, Bilbao’s Old Town. There are magical nooks and crannies where unique shops and bars are located. Enjoy the splendid architecture, as you visit the Plaza Nueva and the churches of San Nicolás and San Antón.<br><br><h3>Restaurants In Bilbao, Spain</h3><br>Upscale Pub Food For Watching Game <br><br>What if you want to watch the game? Conveniently close to UEFA EURO 2020 Hotels, Molly Malones has three big screens that will air the game. Sit back and enjoy three meals and afternoon tea at this Irish Pub. They have an in-house bakery for the sandwiches, pizza and burgers. They have salads, and even some Spanish specialities like Patatas Bravas and Tumaca. There is also an enormous selection of international craft beers that will quench your thirst. One of the best parts of Molly Malones? You can make a table reservation. http://www.mollymalone.info/<br><br>Local Basque Cuisine <br><br>Restaurante <a href="//andra-mari.com">Andra Mari</a> features delicious Basque cuisine, cooked in the unique Basque style. The restaurant is in a Basque country home, located just outside of Bilbao, overlooking the Ibaizabal River. The Andra Mari takes pride in using only local produce for their stunning evening meal. <br><br>Some of the Basque dishes you may want to try could include Pork ear´s terrine with red onion and yogurt, Hake´s kokotxas (hake´s neck) in its own juice, or Deer´s loin with sweet potato, quince jelly and cocoa.<br><br>The Andra Mari is not the name of a chef. It is actually the name of the 13th century church that is next to the restaurant. The interior is very Basque, with rustic, wooden furniture. There is a wine cellar, called the Cave, which has has a good assortment of vintages. Don't miss taking a walk outside of the restaurant, as there are more beautiful views, this time of the countryside. <br><br>Instagram Worthy Dinner<br><br>Ready to experience the best of Basque Country cuisine? Then try <a href="http://www.zortziko.es/#">Zortziko</a>. Find out why Spanish chef Daniel García has a Michelin star, and is the most recommended restaurant in Bilbao. The exceptional “Terreña” Beef carpaccio on spiced brioche, scallop and pine nuts vinaigrette looks as beautiful as it is tasty to eat. Or finally indulge in Roasted Wagyu, teriyaki sauce and gnocchi. <br><br>There are three different dining rooms, an English-styled room, a very ornate French Provincial room and a relaxed dining room. In addition, there is a wine cellar option, where you can enjoy your meal amongst the wine barrels. <br><br>Avant-Garde Food In An Artistic Venue<br><br>The <a href="http://www.bistroguggenheimbilbao.com/en/">Bistró Guggenheim</a> Bilbao is located in one of the most avant-garde museums in the world. So, it is fitting that it is also the location of one of the most unique Basque dishes. Artistically plated and beautiful to eat, some of the spectacular culinary dishes you could try includes Ajoarriero cod stew with low temperature egg and king prawns or Small tomato filled with squid, black rice and Idiazabal cheese. <br><br>The restaurant offers three types of food options, depending on how much you wish to eat. First, an express menu, that includes a main course and a dessert. Next, is a tasting menu, that encompasses five plates of food, including a starter and dessert. Lastly, they offer regular menu items with a choice of starter, main and dessert. <br><br>After dinner, get a glass of wine and sit on the terrace. The spectacular views overlook Bilbao and around your UEFA EURO 2021 accommodations. This restaurant takes reservations and is open for lunch and dinner.<br><br>Pintxos Bars<br><br>Visiting Basque Country is not complete without trying out pintxos bites. These are small chunks of bread that are paired up with meat, seafood, cheese or vegetables. This is a treat to enjoy only in this regions of Spain, including Bilbao, San Sebastián and Vitoria-Gasteiz. Most of all, don't stop at one. Each bar has their own take on pintxos bites. <br><br>One of the most popular places to enjoy pintxos bites is at <a href="http://www.irrintzi.es/ING/bar_ing.html">Irrintzi</a>. To call their pintxos just bits of bread and cheese would be undervaluing these pieces of culinary art. Irrintzi creates such masterpieces as Black Pudding Crocanti with Tomato Jelly, or Octopus Carpaccio, Leek and Ham. They want to blow your senses with their gorgeous bits of food, art mural and unique experience. <br><br>Fun Activities In Bilbao, Spain<br><br>Go To The Top Of The Mountain<br><br>Ride to the top of Mount Artxanda for spectacular Bilbao vistas. You will reach the top of Mount Artxanda by using an old-school funicular cable railway, that dates back to 1915. Reaching the top is just part of the fun. There are picturesque walkways and restaurants where you can relax, eat some tapas and enjoy the breathtaking panoramas. <br><br>Check Out The Markets <br><br>A visit to the infamous La Ribera market stalls will be one of the most fun places you visit in Bilbao. Although this could be your introduction to the world famous Bilbao food scene, La Ribera market is so much more. Browse the stalls and try some of the delicious local products to snack on and to bring home for gifts. <br><br>This market is not just for early risers! In addition to stalls selling tempting foods, La Ribera market includes a hefty smattering of restaurants, bars and even live music. So, this is a fun and delectable way to end your evening. <br><br>Easy to find, the market adjacent to the Casco Viejo, and right next to the river. The main house of the market is a historic landmark. Designed by Pedro Ispizua and built in 1929, the current market is on the exact spot of the original market from the 14th century. La Ribera market is the largest covered market in all of Europe.<p></p>