Rainbow Six Inviatational VIP Hospitality
February 12, 2021 - February 14, 2021

2021 RAINBOW SIX INVITATIONAL Tickets, Hospitality, and Hotel Packages

Montreal, Canada
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2021 Rainbow Six Invitational Tickets. Rainbow Six Invitational Tickets will be on sale soon for the Fifth Annual Six Invitational event in Montreal, Canada. To join the Rainbow Six tickets information notification list, click here. 2021 Rainbow Six Invitational Hospitality Packages. Rainbow Six Invitational Official Hospitality Packages are
<h2>2021 Rainbow Six Invitational Tickets</h2><p>Rainbow Six Invitational Tickets will be on sale soon for the Fifth Annual Six Invitational event in Montreal, Canada. To join the Rainbow Six tickets information notification list, click&nbsp;<a href="http://hotelcity.com/">here</a>.</p><h2>2021 Rainbow Six Invitational Hospitality Packages</h2><p>Rainbow Six Invitational Official Hospitality Packages are available for booking now!&nbsp;</p><p>Hospitality packages include:</p><ul><li>VIP tickets to the Final</li><li>Tickets to the "Operation Void Edge" Interactive City where you can bring out your inner Attacker or Defender!<br></li><li>Attend the Teams Meet and Greet and meet e-sports legends</li><li>Tickets to the Official SIX After Party with local and international food and drink</li></ul><p>If you are interested in Rainbow Six Invitational Official Hospitality Packages, please contact&nbsp;<a href="http://hotelcity.com/">HotelCity.com</a></p><h2>2021 Rainbow Six Invitational Hotel Packages</h2><p><span style="font-size: 1rem;">Hotel packages including tickets to the Six Invitational are available now! Are you interested in staying a the Official Ubisoft Rainbow Six Hotel where all the action takes place when not in the Arena? Book your Official SIX Hotel Package!</span></p><p><span style="font-size: 1rem;"><br></span>The fifth edition of the Six Invitational will take place in Greater Montreal, in February 2021. The premiere Rainbow Six: Siege event will see the world’s best 16 teams compete to be crowned World Champion.</p><p>More than just a tournament, the Six Invitational is the gathering of all fans. Join us in celebrating the community with friends and the extended Siege family. The event will feature developer panels, fan artists, cosplayers, and renowned content creators from the community.</p><h3>Prize Pool</h3><p>This year’s championship features a new record prize pool cap of $3,000,000, with 30% of all revenue from the “Road to S.I. 2021” Battle Pass contributing to this record player prize pool. The ongoing Road to S.I. 2021 in-game event is still available until February 14, 2021, for those looking to get in on the action.</p><p>Here’s how the prize pool will be broken down:</p><ul><li>1st Place: 33.3%</li><li>2nd Place: 15%</li><li>3rd Place: 9%</li><li>4th Place: 6.67%</li><li>5th - 6th Place: 5% each</li><li>7th - 8th Place: 3.67% each</li><li>9th - 12th Place: 2.67% each</li><li>13th - 16th Place: 2% each</li></ul><h2>Cosplay</h2><p>We are looking forward to welcoming any cosplayer who would like to share their creations and costumes during the event. Please find below a list of restricted items.</p><ul><li>No props resembling real weapons (including any weapon designed to fire any projectile), firearms, or blades/edged weapons of any kind will be allowed inside the venue.</li><li>No sharp metal edges on the costume.</li><li>Empty sheathes and grips without blades are permitted.</li><li>Airsoft and prop magazines are allowed, real magazines are not.</li><li>Prop shells or bullets must not be constructed of metal.</li></ul><h2>Security</h2><ul><li>There will be metal detectors and a bag check at the entrance to the venue; every attendee will be subject to a search by security.</li><li>No outside food or drink will be allowed in the venue.</li><li>Age restriction:&nbsp;Rainbow Six: Siege is a videogame rated M for Mature, and any participant below the age of 18 needs to have obtained the informed consent of their parent regarding the rating of the game to participate in the event. Those under 14 must be accompanied at all times by their parent or legal guardian during the event.</li></ul>