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November 05, 2021 - November 07, 2021

2021 Hong Kong Sevens Tickets, Hotels, and Hospitalty

Hong Kong, China
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HOTEL CITY the marketplace for hard to get hotel rooms. . How to get tickets for the Hong Kong Sevens?. . . Hospitality Packages. . . . There is a wide range of hospitality options now available to purchase for the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens 2020!. Corporate Hospitality. That Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens is one of Asia’s premier
<h2><span style="font-size: 2rem;">HOTEL CITY&nbsp;the marketplace for hard to get hotel rooms</span></h2><h2><b style="font-size: 1rem;">How to get tickets for the Hong Kong Sevens?</b><span style="font-size: 2rem;"><br></span></h2><p><span style="font-size: 1rem;">Hospitality Packages</span><br></p><p></p><p>There is a wide range of hospitality options now available to purchase for the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens 2020!</p><p>Corporate Hospitality<br>That Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens is one of Asia’s premier sporting and corporate entertaining events. With flexibility and choice in mind, you have the opportunity to secure hospitality that can cater for client hosting, employee incentive programmes and unrivaled business networking opportunities.</p><p>Click here to find out&nbsp;<a href="">more</a></p><p><b>Exclusive Hospitality</b><br>If you're looking to enjoy a weekend of world class rugby with family, friends or clients, why not do so at one of our sought-after hospitality spaces.&nbsp;</p><p><span style="font-size: 1rem;">For more information on&nbsp;</span><a href="" style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); font-size: 1rem;">The Carlsberg Clubhouse click here.</a></p><p>Contact for match tickets&nbsp;</p><p><br><b>Things To Do in Hong Kong for the 2021 Hong Kong Sevens Rugby Event</b><br><br>Hong Kong is one of the most famous cities in Asia. It is to China what New York City is to the United States, down to the buildings, the street food, the multicultural experience, and even the number of people in the city. This is why Hong Kong hotels are typically overflowing and are tough to get into, especially for an event like the 2021 Hong Kong Sevens.<br><br>If you’re going to Hong Kong for this classic, popular event, you may want to explore the city like a true tourist, far beyond the scenery and environment of the Hong Kong Sevens hotels you could book. So, what do you do while in the city? Let’s go over a list of things you can do in Hong Kong to have a blast and to make it a trip that you’ll always remember. <br><br>What Is the Hong Kong Sevens?<br><br>Before we speak about all the exciting things you can do in Hong Kong, let’s speak about a reason you might want to go: The Hong Kong Sevens. Also known as the HK Rugby Sevens, this is actually the world’s preeminent rugby tournament. Think about the Sevens like the World Cup in soccer (or football, if you’re European).&nbsp;</p><p>Unfortunately, the 2020 Hong Kong Sevens was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the new dates announced for April 2-4, 2021 will bring the excitement back to Hong Kong.</p><p><br>November 5-7, 2021 are the new dates, so book your Hong Kong Sevens hotel with Hotel City.&nbsp;<br><br>Though while the 2021 Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament series might be enough to get you to go, you will still want to do other things while you’re there. So, let’s take a few minutes to quickly go over five exciting things you can do for fun in Hong Kong, in order to get the most from your trip and to create lasting memories. <br><br>What Are Some Things I can do in Hong Kong?<br><br>1: Go Enjoy the Cuisine<br><br>There’s a stigma that follows around Chinese food that’s actually from the nation. Traditional Chinese cuisine is often thought of as unappealing for westerners, and nothing at all like you find in the local Chinese restaurant. While the latter part is true, and those dishes like General Tso’s are American creations, the fact is that Hong Kong features a vast array of cuisine.<br><br>Some of the best restaurants in the world are waiting for you in Hong Kong. After a day of watching the Sevens, sate your hunger in one of the city’s best dining locations. Here are some restaurants in Hong Kong that you may definitely want to try out. They’re on the high-end side and are impeccably rated. <br><br></p><ul><li>Nathanhouse: From the outside, this restaurant looks as traditional Chinese as you could imagine. With the architecture, the red wood, the flowers; it definitely has the look and feel of old-world China. The menu, however, is western, as Nathanhouse is the city’s finest steakhouse. So if you have a taste for a huge rib-eye or a strip, this is the place you want to be. They also do seafood that’s directly out of the water and super fresh. The western food mixed with the Chinese aesthetics is a great dining experience.<br></li></ul><ul><li>Café Gray Deluxe: The ambiance of this quaint restaurant looks like something dreamed up in a magazine; that’s how clean and pristine it is. The food is also something that looks like an art exhibit. It’s rated highly across the board and features international fusion and a world-famous vegan menu. It’s also very well known for its large wine collection. The Café Gray Deluxe won the Traveler’s Choice award for 2019 and should definitely be near the top of your list while attending the Sevens.<br></li></ul><ul><li>Sushi Tsubomi: There’s just something about getting sushi in Asia that tops the delicacy when it’s served in the west. Perhaps it’s the ambiance and overall atmosphere, or maybe it’s the fact that the fish is as fresh as you can imagine. Either way, Sushi Tsubomi is a five-star-rated restaurant by tourists and residents alike, and it features a broad menu of Asian-infused items that offers traditional Japanese art with a Chinese twist. This isn’t some novelty like Benihana; this upscale restaurant is the real deal and worth every penny.<br></li></ul><ul><li>One Dim Sum: Forget everything you have ever thought about traditional Chinese food. One Dim Sum offers one-hundred-percent authentic Chinese cuisine that packs in that umami flavor and offers an experience that you simply will not forget. From the traditional bamboo bowls down to the classic Chinese-pattern tablecloths, this restaurant focuses only on authentic Chinese food, and it’s perennially rated as one of the top restaurants in Hong Kong.<br></li></ul><ul><li>Capo: Have you ever wondered how the Chinese do at Italian cuisine? While in Hong Kong, the answer to that question is probably a no, but when you see the line outside of Capo’s door, you will definitely wonder what’s going on inside. Imagine a high-end, fine-dining pizzeria that offers something truly unique. This restaurant gives you Italian and Med-style ingredients prepared the Chinese way, and the overall experience is something you will remember forever.<br></li></ul><br><br>There are thousands of restaurants in Hong Kong, and hundreds of them are worth your time. Though when you’re ready to do something fun and unique during your stay, these five are definitely top of the list. <br><br><br>2: Take a Private Tour<br><br>Stumbling around the city and trying to translate street signs with a mobile app is fodder for a comedy movie from Hollywood, not anything you want to actually do on a Hong Kong vacation. You can actually book a private tour of the city. The advantages of taking a guided private tour are numerous. A few of the advantages of booking a tour include but aren’t limited to: <br><br><ul><li>Having a tour guide who speaks English, so there’s no language barrier<br></li><li>Having your transportation booked, so you’re not hopping around in buses and cabs<br></li><li>Getting to see much more of the city than a simple website of historic destinations can provide<br></li><li>Actually learning about the rich history of the Chinese people in this famous city<br></li><li>The freedom to just be a tourist, taking selfies and making memories, rather than getting lost<br></li></ul><br><br>There are quite a few more advantages for you, but these advantages listed are pretty sure to keep you happy and busy during a vacation, not lost and frustrated. There’s simply a whole lot you’re going to see on a private tour, and the best part is that you’ll be exploring around with a guide who knows their way around, so you’re not out there lost in traffic or fumbling around looking for an English-speaking resident to help with directions. <br><br><br>3: See the Famous Landmarks<br><br>You will end up seeing quite a few famous landmarks if you decide to go with the private tour idea; however, there’s actually a lot more you can do at a few of Hong Kong’s most famous landmarks if you do decide to set out on your own, separate from a private tour. <br><br>This is because many of the city’s best tourist landmarks provide activities for you while you’re there, so you will want much more than a mere drive-by with a tour guide. You will want to get out and explore and really soak up the culture while participating in some activities. <br><br><ul><li>Stone Houses Family Garden: The first thing you’re going to notice about this destination is the many generations of history that are blended together, layered over one another to create a truly rich cultural experience that definitely feels Asian through and through. This unique destination is also a crossroads of centuries of various religious influences as well, and it features a very traditional in-house restaurant that serves up authentic Chinese cuisine.<br></li></ul><ul><li>Kowloon Walled City Park: Historic and visually stunning, think of this area like you would a borough of New York, only it’s walled in and gives you the sense that this place used to be a fortress centuries ago. Today, it’s an ideal spot for long walks, picnics, pictures, visiting swimming pools, looking at the ancient trees, and much more. Best of all, it’s right near some of the city’s finest hotels, so you might even end up in short walking distance of this historic landmark.<br></li></ul><ul><li>Plaza Hollywood: The Plaza in Hong Kong really takes a lot of people by surprise. If ever you’ve wondered how a classic Asian city would do mirroring the western economic principle of capitalism, the Plaza is where you learn the answer. There are around 20 restaurants in here, over a dozen shops, even high-end shops, so what you end up with is like a strip mall that’s entirely Asian. It’s a must-see destination, especially if you want to bring home a few souvenirs.<br></li></ul><ul><li>Yuanpu Street Bird Park: While called a bird park, this city destination is much more. It’s actually a large street marketplace that’s about as traditional as you can get in China. You get a true sense of Asian culture here, bereft of western influences, and it’s also right next to the flower market and other destinations you may want to check out on your trip. This is an ideal market for you to stroll through to stretch your legs after a night in your hotel, and in between rugby matches.<br></li></ul><ul><li>Sai Kung: If you’re really adventurous and want a vacation that you’re going to remember for a lifetime, visit Sai Kung inside of Hong Kong and book yourself a kayak excursion or a hiking trip. The Sevens kicks off around spring, which is gorgeous in the city, so a water trip would be great. The weather’s also ideal for people who want to hike around and see the Asian landscape from a very unique point of view. You can easily book activities in this location.<br></li></ul>4: Check Out the Nightlife<br><br>One of the trendiest things in the city of Hong Kong over the past few years is its vibrant nightlife scene. From bars and all-night restaurants to exciting nightclubs where you can dance to a wide variety of music, there’s no reason to sit in your hotel room with some pay-per-view movies at night. You can really let your hair down and check out some very unique clubs, bars, and more.<br><br>One very cool aspect of the nightlife scene in Hong Kong is that you have such a variety of options. Remember that after the rugby matches, most people are going to want to party through the night. The nightlife scene is going to be busy and exciting.<br><br>Here's a list of some of Hong Kong's best night clubs and bars that you will want to check out. <br><br><ul><li>Volar Club: A high-end club that offers separate rooms for dining and dancing.<br></li><li>Ce La Vi Hong Kong: A club featuring a huge dance floor and even a sky lounge.<br></li><li>PLAY Club: A gigantic nightclub where the party runs well into the morning.<br></li><li>Dragon-i: A very traditional Chinese club that’s about as upscale as you get, for VIPs.<br></li><li>Drop: The cream of the crop in SoHo, this is an eclectic, exciting club.<br></li><li>OZONE: This high-end club is inside the Ritz and the party happens on the roof.<br></li><li>Tazmania Ballroom: A club offering dancing, pool, ping pong, and much more excitement.<br></li></ul>In Conclusion <br><br>If you’re jumping over to Hong Kong for the Sevens, please remember that there are so much culture and history to soak up in the city. There’s an endless array of things to do outside of your Hong Kong hotels. From hiking and visiting famous military cities to even taking river kayak trips and partying in clubs, you can fill multiple itineraries with plenty of things to do.<p></p>
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